T.E.C. Plan (Total Equipment Coverage)


  • T.E.C. Plan Enrollment for existing customers with installations prior to December 31, 2017: All Customers with installations prior to December 31, 2017 have the option to enroll into the Total Equipment Coverage Plan (T.E.C. Plan): The T.E.C. Plan is a protection plan offered through DCM Internet to prevent Service Call Fees. The T.E.C. Plan covers service calls such as:  DCM's VoIP equipment, network assistance, router replacement, equipment upgrades, and equipment replacement.  Equipment replacement can be due to the following: wind, hail, lightening, animals, unusual physical or electrical stress, water, and extreme temperature. The T.E.C. Plan does not cover: abuse, misuse, neglect, theft, fire, vandalism, damage from customer moving/tampering with DCM equipment, or damage by other contractors on your home or business premise providing work or estimates.  The T.E.C. Plan is $15 per month in addition to your monthly service plan level charge. The Plan includes a free router and installation when your personal router fails. Plan includes up to 6 complimentary service calls in a 12 month period. Additional service calls are subject to incur charges. Customer cannot opt in and out of this plan on a monthly basis.  Customer must stay with T.E.C. Plan for 18 months once initiated.  Customers can enroll anytime, however Coverage will began after one full billing cycle.  If a service call is needed before the customer has chosen to be on the T.E.C. Plan, normal service call fees will incur according to our billing schedule.    
  • All Customers who had installations prior to December 31, 2017 that choose not to enroll in the T.E.C. Plan will be charged $75 per hour for each service call.  Additionally, if the equipment is nonfunctional, the customer is responsible for the cost of the wiring, equipment replacement, and all other costs associated with providing Internet to the property again.  Service calls fees are due 30 days after service call appointment.  After the service call is completed, the customer has an option to opt into the T.E.C. Plan at any time.  Coverage will begin after one full billing cycle.